So today was more successful, I’ve added a couple of pages, actually now have my own website as I registered for www.norfolkgal.com so I’m feeling like I’m on the map! I’ve added an ‘About’ page and put in a slideshow gallery on the home page too so all in all, not a bad day. Still having issues adding links plus I’ve been trying to add an Instagram widget but despite looking at numerous YouTube tutorials, nothing is happening. All the tutorials mention a sidebar and that doesn’t seem to exist on my dashboard, mine says widget area which I’m guessing is the same thing. I was getting a bit it ratty with it so gave in for the day and I’ll try again tomorrow with hopefully more success. I’m not sure if some of these issues are to do with the theme, I don’t know if this makes a difference or not. I’m quite happy with the Ryu theme so I don’t want to change just for the sake of it. I did log on to the iMac today and it’s definitely easier to do some things on there rather than the iPad which is obviously a lot more constricted due to screen size.

I just quickly wanted to play around with another aspect of media so enjoy a few photos of http://www.thenorfolkolivetreecompany.co.uk

Out and about

Back for more

Hi again

So I’m trying to learn new stuff but am feeling a bit deflated this time as I’ve been watching a few free WordPress tutorials but being free, they are quite basic and not really showing me stuff I want to know. I’ve been trying to add a link to the tutorial site I’ve been using but it doesn’t appear so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Instead of getting too down I’m going to play about with adding media again. So I’m adding a gallery this time. Hubby and I went to Beccles and Norwich yesterday so below is a gallery of some of the pics I took.

I love photography so check me out on Instagram, still Norfolkgal 😀

See you again soon



Hello again

So I’ve made it back, I haven’t learnt a huge amount since Blog 1 but I have added a background colour and had a play with adding a header. My only issue was the header photo I chose was far to big so I decided against it until I figure it out.

I thought this time I’d try to include some photos. I went to London this week to visit the Ravilious art exhibition at the Dulwich picture gallery. Simply beautiful work and lovely to see in real lifeimage. We had a wander around Whitehall and saw The Cenotaph.

Last time I visited it was all boarded up and hidden so I was so pleased to finally be able to see it. I wasn’t expecting to feel quite as emotional about it as I did, but then it doesn’t take much for me to get choked up!

It wasn’t the greatest day weather wise so this was the best photo I could manage but

imageI was happy I timed it well enough to get a bird in flight in the photo. I thought the memorial to the women of WW2 was also nice.

The light on the train on our journey home was so beautiful I couldn’t help but take more photos.

Well as you can see I’ve managed to insert my first photo AND get the text wrapped around it! I know it’s a small step but it’s a start. Not entirely confident about the positioning but I’m sure with more practise it’ll get easier. I’m doing this work from an iPad and have so far found that you need to be logged in to the main site rather than use the app. When I was googling help it kept saying about the Dashboard and I can’t see it is available on the app. I may be wrong, it does happen now and then!

Well I’m going to sign off for now, it’s getting late and I just wanted to keep my hand in.

see you again soon

Norfolkgal x


WordPress Virgin!!!!!

Hi guys, I’ve been wanting to learn about websites and blogs and at the moment, I know zilch…..so I’ve taken the plunge and decided everyday is a school day and I need to be my own teacher.

I’m only doing this as I have a friend with her own company and have felt lately that her website was sorely lacking and have been encouraging her to improve it, and that made me think, I know how I’d like it to be but have no experience of this myself.

I work for an online company, albeit, I have nothing to do with the website, but I figured this would be a good time to learn a little more about the world I now find myself working in.

So this is my first post, pretty basic. No fancy fonts yet, no photos, no links, no videos, but a girl’s gotta start somewhere right?

I’m hoping to learn as much as I can and get a better insight as to how all this website malarkey works, so here’s the start of an interesting journey. Fingers crossed each post will include something new that I’ve learnt and before long, will start to look like a real blog!

Cheers my dears, hope to see you again soon

Norfolkgal (also known as Catherine) xx