Cotswold Company

A bad week

So along with on going drama at work we had the added dramatics of yet another flood. The building we work in can’t really cope with heavy rain or should I say the roof can’t! This is now I think the 4th or 5th time we’ve flooded in two years, it’s bad that I’m losing count isn’t it!

This was the first time that I have been day off for it though so unfortunately had to leave my guys to deal with it, which they did admirably. Having a showroom that you take great pride in, being ruined, albeit temporarily, is very soul destroying. Thankfully we are back on track now, dried out and tidied up like nothing ever happened other than a lot of ceiling tiles missing having been turned to pulp.

Here are a couple of videos to show how bad it was, I don’t think really shows the severity but the sound gives you a good idea, that is the sound of it raining indoors.

Thankfully I work with an amazing group of people who now take this in their stride, not that we should have to, but sometimes life just throws these things in your path, and you either turn back or clear the way forward and after the past couple of weeks, I’ve learnt you have to keep moving forward because standing still is just as bad as going backwards. Sometimes you just have to let stuff go rather than dwell on things you wish were different.

Life is better than you realise and every second needs to be appreciated

Here’s to a better week x


Lookin’ good!

Well I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere. I found another blog site that I really liked so have taken some inspiration, changed the theme (again), and I’m really happy with the results. I’ve got my latest Instagram pics as a widget, my Twitter feed showing,  tags, categories and have refreshed the about me page.  Definitely feel quite pleased with myself. I’m seriously considering upgrading to the premium package so I can customize a lot more things and give me more options.

I think as I am so interested in photography I will add in a gallery page too and will try to create a book page as I have read so many books so far this year, it will be good to document and review them.

Next I need to try and get @Splendid_chap back in to working on his as he is so popular on Instagram, I think he could do really well with a blog as he has many interests.

He completed the Tour De Broads this week, 73 miles of cycling and completed it despite suffering 3 punctures! He has been raising money for Alzheimers Society I’m so proud of him, he’s lost so much weight and has increased his level of fitness no end. It definitely spurs me on to get back on the bike and do more exercise myself, I just need to not be so afraid of falling off!! Here’s a pic of my man enjoying a well deserved pint at the finish line. He has smashed his £250 target so all in all, what a great way to pay homage to his grandfather who he dedicated the ride to.

In memory of Malcolm Labrom

TV and Theatre

Long time no see

It’s been a pretty hectic couple of weeks, a lot of drama going on which I could do without but you have to deal with what life throws at you don’t you.

So what’s happened since last time, Sir Tom was sacked, Strictly contestants I’ve never heard of have been announced, I’ve been to see Annie at the Theatre Royal and an awful lot of playing agony aunt to many many people.

Let’s focus on the good stuff. Annie was amazing. Craig Revel Horwood plays Miss Hanigan with a really strong Brooklyn accent which threw me a bit. The whole show was fantastic though, such strong voices and a superb production.

I’ve just booked cinema tickets to see the live screening of the latest Rocky Horror tour starring the one and only Richard O’Brien. 17th September at the Odeon so it should be fab. Watched the film again yesterday as I needed a Tim Curry fix.

 This is probably my fave photo of the gorgeous Mr Curry. So in addition to seeing RHPS live screening I’ve also booked to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the theatre in February. I’ve seen the film loads of times so seeing the show will be an experience.
Decided we need to start getting out more and doing stuff, life is too short.

Haven’t learnt anything new about WordPress lately, I must get back in to the tutorials.

Signing off for now

Norfolkgal xx


Sir Tom Jones!!!

Well here I am again. It’s been a good week largely because we went to see Tom Jones at Newmarket Racecourse this week. A good friend bought us tickets as an early 40th birthday present and I’m pleased to say Tom was awesome. Lots of classics with some of his new material as well. 75 years old and his voice was still amazing! Paul McCartney has a lot to learn, THIS is talent.

We started reasonably close to the stage but moved back after a while to have more space. I’ve never been to the races before and we got there in time to see the last race. Not really my thing, I couldn’t see the attraction, Tom was more than enough for me. This was by far the highlight of the week, it was an absolute honour to see the legend perform, he’s just mesmerising.

Twitter is going ok, I’m up to a whole 30 followers. Still struggling to find like minded people rather than just companies or bots. That’s the issue with Twitter, it ends up being a numbers game but it’s still a damn site better than Facebook!

See you again soon 🙂

Bake Off, Cotswold Company

Evening all

Well I don’t think I’ve learnt anything new since my last post but I have rejoined Twitter. I haven’t been on it for over two years and I still have nearly two thousand followers!

Anyway I’m starting again with it so I am on there as @norfolkgal1, I’m finding it difficult to get back in to the swing of Twitter but I’ll see how it goes.

Today was a good day at work, I have redone the window displays. We now have a kitchen theme in readiness for the start of The a Great British Bake Off. There are bags of flour and rolling pins a-plenty!

image image image image

Pretty pleased with how they’ve come out, now I just need Mary Berry to come in and knock up a cake!

So that’s my day, now chilling out on the sofa with my man and the fluffy ones.

see you again soon x



Hi folks, not sure why I feel the need to say hi as so far it’s only me who knows this page exists, but it just seems polite.

So today has started off pretty well. My husband surprised me by having the day off with me which is very nice as he and I don’t get to spend much time together. He has just nipped out so I’ve taken the opportunity to get back on the horse and do a bit more.

I have changed the theme as I found out that the widgets I had been struggling with were there on the old theme, just well and truly hidden! So I now have this lovely fresh new format and I have my social media widgets which I’m very excited about. So now you can have a look at my Pinterest site and also Instagram PLUS I have my latest Instagram feed showing at the bottom of the Homepage.

I just need to figure out how to increase the size of the social media icons and change them if possible but I have read that I can’t upload plugins as I have registered the site, so we’ll see how that goes but I’m not pushing my luck with it today.

So that’s probably me signing off for the day, so far I haven’t mentioned to my beloved @splendid_chap that I’ve been doing this so I may reveal all to him later and see what he thinks!!! Watch this space

Norfolkgal x