Hi folks, not sure why I feel the need to say hi as so far it’s only me who knows this page exists, but it just seems polite.

So today has started off pretty well. My husband surprised me by having the day off with me which is very nice as he and I don’t get to spend much time together. He has just nipped out so I’ve taken the opportunity to get back on the horse and do a bit more.

I have changed the theme as I found out that the widgets I had been struggling with were there on the old theme, just well and truly hidden! So I now have this lovely fresh new format and I have my social media widgets which I’m very excited about. So now you can have a look at my Pinterest site and also Instagram PLUS I have my latest Instagram feed showing at the bottom of the Homepage.

I just need to figure out how to increase the size of the social media icons and change them if possible but I have read that I can’t upload plugins as I have registered the site, so we’ll see how that goes but I’m not pushing my luck with it today.

So that’s probably me signing off for the day, so far I haven’t mentioned to my beloved @splendid_chap that I’ve been doing this so I may reveal all to him later and see what he thinks!!! Watch this space

Norfolkgal x


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