Bake Off

Bake Off Final!!!!


So this week was the Great British Bake Off final, it has flown by this year with another great bunch of amateur bakers.

I thought they went easy on them with some of the tasks in this years final, iced buns, Mille Fois and layered cakes. For me! Nadiya was my favourite from early on. She had got stronger and stronger throughout the weeks, built her confidence and achieved star baker three times!

Her presentation was so crisp and clean and for me that’s what gained her extra points over the guys. She was calm, meticulous, organised and gave herself time to perfect those finishing touches which is what we expect of Bake Off finalists. All credit to Tamal and Ian but they just weren’t organised enough when it mattered and I felt some of their presentation was quite messy.

I thought it was a bit of a one horse race in the final, especially after the first round so I was pretty confident she would win but you just never know. How many times have we all watched these reality shows and been sure a certain person would win just for it to be announced it is someone else!

This time it went as planned, and she won – YAY. Bless her heart she couldn’t believe it.

It must be such an emotional moment to have put so much hard work, time and effort in to something so public and finally have it all pay off, a truly wonderful moment. I think many of us sat at home with happy tears streaming down our faces with her as she said she would no longer tell herself ‘ I can’t do that’. It goes to show, if you want something, go for it, give it your all and you never know what you can achieve if you don’t try.

There was such a lovely reaction from the other contestants and her gorgeous family, especially her boys who just looked so happy and proud of their mum. Just as we thought it couldn’t get more emosh than Mary wiping away Nadiyas tears, we were then faced with this…..

Queen Mary of Berry getting choked up, this was just too much! Sob factor 10! A truly superb series finished far too quickly. Roll on next year, now to focus on Strictly, that’s me sorted until Christmas.
See you again soon x


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