Birthday, Out and about

My 40th Birthday!!!


So it’s official, I am now the ripe old age of 40, I can’t say I was looking forward to it, I’ve never been a big fan of birthdays, well not my own anyway. I think 4 people I work with turned 40 this year, as did my husband a couple of months ago so my turn had to happen eventually but I’m clinging on to being the youngest 40 year old of the group and hoping I don’t look my age – feel free to agree!

Having had our joint birthday party last month I think most people at work were of the opinion I’d already had my birthday which was annoying as I had finally started to feel excited about it. Rob had bought into work a cake and flowers and the guys were all like ‘what’s the occasion’? It didn’t stop them eating the cake when I dished it out though lol.

I had booked the week off work as it was time to take a break before Christmas and it works well not being at work on your birthday, no work stuff to get in the way or spoil anything. My birthday treat was staying at The Pigs for Sunday night as my birthday was the Monday. A customer had mentioned The Pigs nearly two years ago and I had looked it up on the Internet and knew I wanted to stay there at some point. It is part of Byfords of Holt and is a 17th century pub and restaurant based in the small village of Edgefield nearby.

Jason and I had looked at rooms a while back as you can choose which one you want to stay in. There is a selection of ten bedrooms including 7 spa rooms but I had decided mid November was going to be a little cold to sit outside even in a jacuzzi so we chose the Sty in the Sky room which has….wait for it… 8ft bed!!! It’s the only 8ft bed in Norfolk apparently and it was divine.

Now I love a big bed, we have a 5ft at home which isn’t too bad but this was on a whole other level. It’s got to be said, we both slept so well in it, it’s quite an effort to get to the edge to get out of it which is weird but what heaven to wake up in on your 40th birthday, it was just perfect.

The rest of the room wasn’t too shabby either! A big tv, lovely tea and coffee facilities and a stunning bathroom which I would kill for. It was the dream bedroom and bathroom combo, decorated in very neutral colours which I loved. There were beautiful full views of the of the countryside out of all windows which made for a very peaceful stay.

We had booked dinner, bed and breakfast so we could just stay put and chill out rather than having to get back in the car and drive into Holt. The bar and restaurant were really nicely set out, not too many tables crammed in so we had a couple of drinks in the bar first before we went through to be seated. The decor everywhere was very rustic chic which suited it all so well and is right up my street too. Dinner for me was Whitebait followed by probably the best steak I’ve ever had (cooked rare), Jason had homemade scotch egg followed by steak burger which looked pretty scrummy. It’s fair to say after forcing down a dessert each we were both stuffed but very very satisfied. The plan had been to go back to the bar and get quietly sozzled, but we were so full it didn’t seem like a good idea so we had a shot of whiskey each and called it a night. Having the lure of that gigantic bed calling us was too much to resist so we headed back to our room early and chilled out as I had been at work that day so it was so nice just to have a good meal and chill out with the man I love on the biggest bed I’ve ever seen!

Monday morning was the big day, 40 whole years old. Seriously, when did that happen?! I don’t feel 40, people kindly tell me I don’t look 40 but it’s still a pretty big number. It’s a proper grown up age which I guess is the bit I’m not so keen on but hey, I’ve been told by many to embrace it as there’s nothing I can do to change it.

After card opening and being given a GORGEOUS sapphire and diamond ring, we had brekkie and then headed out for the day. We drove to Blakeney and went for a wander as it was a really nice crisp, clear day and I wanted to spend some quality time with J and get some fresh air while the sun was still shining.

I think we ended up walking 5 or 6 miles of a circular walk, some of which was VERY muddy which I didn’t enjoy, I don’t do mud! We got to Cley windmill and headed back to the car but had to do a quick stop as we drove past a bookshop, we’re both obsessed with books so we couldn’t just drive past it. Getting out on such a clear day is always a great chance for some photography so we both made the most of it s you can see below. Check out the mud – I wasn’t kidding!

After a good walk we had a pub lunch in Blakeney of jacket potatoes and then headed back home to rest our legs and see the kitty cats. We left dinner until late and had a major treat of Indian takeaway which was yummy, I went for my usual chicken tikka masala, boring but I love it.

All in all it was a perfect day and I’m so grateful for Jason making it so. I am a very lucky (40 year old) lady ❤️