Christmas, Out and about

Christmas Cheer


It’s been quite a while since my last post but Christmas is now nearly upon us and I thought it time to write a new post. With only a week to go until Saint Nick swings into town, I’m feeling pretty organised.

Christmas presents were all purchased in one day a few weeks ago. I suddenly felt the urge to get it all done and dusted in one go so Amazon did quite well out of me then I headed into good old Norwich to do the bits I couldn’t do online. I’ve got to say it was very satisfying to get the list done, know where to get what and just get it sorted out quickly and efficiently. I guess that’s the trick, having a plan and sticking to it.

The only thing I wasn’t so hot on was buying Christmas cards which has been an epic fail this year. I’ve written out more today and think I’ve finally finished them. I got caught up in the self satisfaction of present shopping and let the cards slide by the wayside. A few more to post tomorrow and then if I’ve forgotten people, well tough, it’ll be too late. I don’t think as many people are bothered about cards as they used to be, it’s so much easier just to put a message on social media plus the cost of cards and postage is just crazy these days.

Today I have done the wrapping of the presents. I’ve gone fairly traditional this year with the trusty old brown paper and Jason rather creatively did me a holly leaf linocut for us to print on the paper and the parcel tags to give that bespoke feel and create a bit of interest. I like the simplicity of it, brown paper, red prints and red string, simple but effective and hopefully people will appreciate that a bit more time and effort has been put into the wrapping of the presents. Wrapped with love ❤️


We went to Norwich Catherdral last week for a Christmas carol service with Norwich Catherdral Choir. It was a mixture of the audience singing with the choir and also them doing their solos.  We had side aisle seats so unfortunately we couldn’t see much but the singing was good fun. Only one song we hadn’t heard of and somewhat struggled through. That classic situation of not knowing the song but trying to sing along anyway! The accoustics are obviously amazing in the Catherdral and we learned it has the 4th biggest organ in the country and it certainly belted out some big notes. The Catherdral is one of my favourite places in Norwich, even though I’m not religious, it has a lovely feel to it, very serene.

I’ve put up a few decs at home but no tree, we learned our lesson with that years ago when the cats kept climbing up it so we are a treeless household. I’m not keen on having to many decs up as it always looks so bare when you take them down.

Work for me is pretty slow, not many people buy furniture the week before Christmas but Jason is stuck with long days and extra hours due to working at a jewellers, hopefully lots of people are being bought some rather beautiful gems of presents this Christmas.

We are at the in laws this year for Christmas Day and here. Seeing my parents after I finish work on Boxing Day. The joys of being in retail doesn’t allow for much time off. I have three days off, the last of which is Christmas Day and I believe Jason has four days, the first of which is Christmas Day so one day together, it isn’t much but you have to make every second count when you don’t get much time together. Cherish those you love and appreciate having them in your life.


Wishing you all a very healthy and happy Christmas



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