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Happy New Year

imageIt doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago that we were all getting excited about Christmas, presents, turkey etc and now here we are, the start of a New Year already begun. I’m sure there were more than a few of us feeling a bit heavy headed this morning at whatever time we crawled out of bed. I had work today so I didn’t overdo things last night, to be fair, I rarely do. Drinking to excess and feeling awful for the next day is not my idea of fun, so I had a couple of ciders, a couple of G&T’s but not enough to make me regret things!! Control freak………never!

Thankfully Jason finished work early before the events begun so was home in good time for a quick catnap and some selfie fun.


It’s been tradition for a number of years now for our dear friends Tim and Aimeé to come over for New Years Eve. I had made us all chilli and jacket potatoes for dinner, a good winter warmer to line our stomachs for the evenings drinkies.

Normally we stay in for the evening but this year the plan was to walk to a local pub, The Artichoke in Brome, somewhere Jason and Tim have spent many an evening. So off we trundled in the darkness walking across Brome Common which is a little spooky in the dark to say the least. Thankfully I quite like spooky things, the only thing that really concerned me was losing a foot down a rabbit hole but thankfully that didn’t happen.

Little did we know there was a sixties night at the pub, many people of a certain generation dressed in flower power gear with a variation of scary wigs to go with lurid outfits! The strangest outfits had to go to Fred and Wilma Flinstone!! The pub was heaving but we managed to pounce on a table as a few people left so we could all sit down.


We didn’t stay too long, enough for a couple of rounds as we wanted to be back home for midnight. Tim lent me his head torch on the way back and I led the way. I have to get one of those, they are such good fun and give great light, especially when I turn round to find out where the others are and accidentally blind them. This tree looked very creepy in the darkness, we did see a barn owl in flight but I was too slow to get a photo of it.


Home in time to watch the amazing Hozier on Jools Hollands Hootenanny and thrilled that Tom Jones was on too. Aimeé doesn’t quite understand my Sir Tom crush but I think he’s gorgeous even if he is in his mid 70’s. Tradition has it that Tim always, generously, provides a bottle of champagne for us to toast with and so that countdown began, 10,9,8,7,6, 5,4,3,2,1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Cue the group selfie. Has to be done doesn’t it. We did a group one last year which got loads of likes on Facebook so had to do another one.


I packed in after Jools had finished as I had to go to work today, pretty good day all in all, quite busy and everyone in good spirits. My colleagues and I all decided to order Dominos pizza this morning as we all required sustenance and that did the job nicely.

So here we are, another year, hopefully full of positivity. I’m determined to stop moaning about things I can’t change. I need to get off my backside and be more active and cherish any time I get to spend with Jason rather than moaning about the times I don’t get days off with him. I wish you all a healthy and Happy New Year.




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