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imageIt’s safe to say this has been an incredibly sad week and one none of us saw coming. The announcement on Monday of David Bowie’s passing sent shock waves around the world. This incredibly private man had kept his battle with cancer to himself and his loved ones and passed away with his family around him.

I never considered myself a fan, other than having watched Labyrinth more times than I care to admit to, so I didn’t expect to feel this upset at his death. As it turns out, his influence obviously effected me far more than I had realised as I haven’t been this upset by a celebrity’s death since Freddie Mercury almost 25 years ago.

We have the radio on at work and Bowie was played most of the day which in itself is a lovely tribute but I was amazed at quite how many songs I knew and the sheer quality of them. I guess to me, he was one of those artists who I wasn’t a fan of but didn’t  dislike either, but he was always there, producing music, breaking boundaries, recreating himself and  looking so incredibly dapper with the two tone eyes and the air of mystery.

The word icon and legend get used very readily these days but not in this case, never were two words more appropriate for such an artist. We learn today he has already been cremated with no service or family members present, as were his wishes. True to himself, a man who never conformed, lived his life to the fullest and left us with a legacy to treasure forever.

Today also the death of the great actor Alan Rickman and on a more personal level, a friend of my husbands tragically killed last night in a car accident. This week has really shown the fragility of life and how every second must be treasured. Never leave those you love in any doubt of your feelings for them, value your friends, cherish your family, enjoy the time you have with those who make you happy and in the words of the legend himself – may God’s love be with you.



David Bowie 1947 – 2016


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