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Fur and Feather

So today is Norfolk day and happens to be our day off which is handy although the heatwave is still in full swing  and is getting a bit beyond everyone’s comfort level now. I love sun, I love good weather but when it hits 30 degrees and beyond and your air con in the car doesn’t work – the novelty starts to wear thin.

Being that it is Norfolk Day we had to head upwards a bit as we needed to pop into Norwich anyway so we carried onto to Woodbastwick which is near Wroxham and went to the Fur and Feather for a nice cooling drink.

We’ve been here a few times before for family meals but never really just stopped off just the two of us for a drink. It has a really good sized beer garden and it’s a beautiful looking pub as you can see.

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Norfolk Day was getting in full swing here too as Archers Butchers had set up and burgers and sausages were starting to sizzle plus this is a Woodfordes Brewery so always a good pint to be had here.

Given the heat we just went for a lime and soda each as you need something cold and refreshing in this weather but it was so lovely to sit in the beer garden and we chose a table right near one of the county hares from GoGo Hares . His name is Hareatio Nelson and he’s the first county hare I’ve seen so far and very nice he was too.


The pub has a lovely Woodfordes shop behind it with loads of lovely goodies to tempt you into purchasing. I’m not really a beer drinker so I always make a beeline for the gin section and the Black Shuck gin range. There’s no bad gin in my opinion.

SplendidChap met up with his friend Adam who works there a small a graphic designer and who came up with the fantastic new Nelson logo for the company which was pretty cool to see his work on all the products.

It’s a really lovely place to visit either for a quick lunch if that’s all you have time for but more for a chilled out long lunch or a great catch up with friends over an evening meal. It’s not a place you feel rushed or want to be rushed away from so if you have a special occasion coming up, or like ,e, you don’t need an excuse for a great meal, then I’d recommend visiting the Fur And Feather, Woodbastwick.


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