meHi, my name is Catherine and I’m very hit and miss when it comes to blogging on a regular basis, I like to convince myself that it’s quality not quantity lol.

I’m fast approaching mid 40’s and have been married to Jason also known as Splendid_Chap¬†for nearly 15 years and we live on the Norfolk Suffolk border and both work in retail in the fine city of Norwich.

I’m quite a homebody and love nothing better than staying in and have a good old Hinch but I also like visiting new places and enjoying the beauty of what is on our doorstep. I love to read when Netflix isn’t calling me and I’ve recently got in to listening to podcasts and am really enjoying the Happy Place series with Fearne Cotton and Under the Skin with Russel Brand.

One of my other pastimes these days is litter picking and litter art. I have a site called¬† Litter Wombles and we are on the usual social media sites so please feel free to check us out – I’m equally as hit and miss on there too. Both Splendid_chap and I like to do our bit in terms of cleaning up the community and heading to the coast and collecting the endless amount of plastic on the beaches and disposing of most of it but keeping a few bits back to make some litter art.

My cats are my fur babies, I have 3 as we lost my beautiful boy Freddie last year, we still have Tilly my little black panther, Precious my beautiful little tabby and we have adopted, or rather she has adopted us – Floof who is the last pic on the grid. She used to live down the road but decided she preferred us instead. They are our angels and we love them to bits.


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