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Purple Rain

I know I’ve posted since the death of Prince but felt the need to now acknowledge the unfortunate and untimely death of another music legend.

Like the loss of Bowie wasn’t shocking enough for us all to come to terms with, the unique talent that was Prince dies at only 58 years old – too soon.

I can’t and won’t profess to have been a fan of Prince all my life, I did have quite of few of his albums in my teenage years and remember listening to Diamonds and Pearls on repeat for quite a while. Like him or not, I don’t think anyone can argue that the man was talented above and beyond the level of many other ‘artists’ out there. From writing, playing and producing, he did it all and remained true to his belief in his own style and his own right to control what he produced.

There is still speculation in the news as to the cause of his death whilst the autopsy results are investigated – but it doesn’t really matter why he died, it doesn’t change it mores the pity.

Another massively talented person has left us and has joined a host of others who left us far sooner than they should. RIP to all those shown below, heaven must be sounding pretty fucking good right now.

May your legacy live on forever X