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Wake me up before you GoGo

No, this isn’t a post about Wham or George Michael although I could quite happily chat about him until the cows come home. This is about the wonderful city of Norwich, the place where I work, being home to GoGo Hares.In case you haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about Break Charity have teamed up with Wild In Art to create a large scale art sculpture trail. This involves 50 pretty big sculptures of hares around 5ft tall, all the same design, but individually painted by different artists to create a unique trail in the city. The hares are positioned all around Norwich and set up as a trail and numbered so you can explore the city and collect all the hares.IMG_3296This concept follows on from GoGo Gorillas back in 2013 and then GoGo Dragons in 2015.  In addition to the city hares there are also 18 county hares dotted further out which are a different design and if this wasn’t enough there are 150 baby leveret hares that can be found in any variety of different shops and restaurants that form part of a learning programme called GoGoCreate which are all painted by children.The hares are on display from 24th June to 8th September and there are GoGo Hare leaflets available from places like the  Forum which contain a trail map to follow so you know where in the city the hares are located. There is also a really good app you can download where you can log the hares you’ve found by entering a unique 4 digit number. This then tells you how many you have found and you can unlock rewards and it just adds to the fun of it.

Now it may sound like you have to have kids to enjoy this but my husband and I have no kids, we’re in our early 40’s and we really enjoyed spending a day in the city looking for hares. It’s gets you to visit some parts of the city you may not normally go to. Now don’t get me wrong, you’re unlikely to do all of them in one day, I like clocking up my steps but it’s a lot of walking so I’d recommend if you’re going to do this as a family activity, possibly break it down into 2 or 3 different sessions.Because the hares are all painted by different artists, they vary a great deal. Some are based on Norwich and depict scenes from the city and some are based on history and even films. This is part of what makes it such fun that there is such a variety of styles and subjects. Here are a few of my favourites.

I’ve still got 7 city hares to find and haven’t seen any county ones yet.All 50 hares will be auctioned off to raise money for Break on Thursday 11th by auction house TW Gaze.  is a registered charity and works tirelessly to make life better for vulnerable children, young people and families.It really is a great idea and a fantastic addition to an already wonderful city and I’d wholeheartedly recommend spending a day on the hare trail.

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So it’s been a while…


Beautiful Polperro

Well I haven’t really got an excuse for my absence so lets just pretend like I’ve never been away. So what’s been happening….I had a fantabulous holiday down in Cornwall with hubby and our friends J and Lisa. We stayed in a holiday cottage in Polperro, we hadn’t been there before but J and Lisa stay every 6 months or so and I can now see why – the place is glorious!! It’s a very traditional, unspoiled fishing village which is very pretty, has a lovely harbour and some great pubs!!

Luckily enough our holiday cottage was right next door to the Blue Peter pub, and we also frequented the Crumplehorn and The Ship a fair bit…well it’s only right to try them all. I think it’s fair to say we all drank our share of beer and cider in my case, well we were on holiday after all.

We were really lucky with the weather, it drizzled a bit but on the whole it was very dry and reasonably warm considering it’s still only April. As you can see from the photos below, the view from the living room wasn’t too shabby, certainly beats my view of the neighbours uncut grass at home. We are all missing the place desperately now we are back home to normality. J and Lisa are back again in October but we’ll have to wait until Easter before we can return and join them again. I could definitely live here, it’s not until you’re back by the sea that you realise how much you miss it and how calming it is.

Cornwall is the only place you will catch me drinking tea and that’s because those lovely Cornish folk serve it with rather delicious scones, cream and jam, if that’s not a good enough reason to go back I don’t know what is. We visited our friends who live in Plymouth so it was great to catch up with them, we also went to The Lost Gardens Of Heligan and had a really nice walk round there and saw these two fantastic sculptures. It’s a great place to visit and i would highly recommend wearing decent walking boots – this isn’t your average garden.

One day the four of us walked the coastal path from Polperro to Looe which was approx 5 miles which doesn’t sound much but when there are lots of paths going up and down with some really steep bits, it felt longer than it was. You’ve got to remember I come from flat old Norfolk, I’m not used to these gradients but all good for the leg muscles which I need to get in shape for the Lake District later this year.

One of our favorite things to do each morning was to go down to the beach when the tide had gone out and collect sea glass. I’ve never managed to find sea glass anywhere before and there was so much of it in Polperro we ended up bringing so much back with us. It’s very addictive looking for it, you start out picking up any bit you find and by the end of the week you’re getting fussy about only wanting certain colours. As you can see I also found this decent sized lump of Amethyst which hubby was more than impressed with as he is training to be a gemmologist and says this had no place on a Cornish beach but I don’t care, I found it and love it.

So that’s my holiday, it was amazing and I can’t wait to go back. We were all very sad to leave as these grumpy faces show lol.

Sad faces leaving Polperro
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Happy New Year

imageIt doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago that we were all getting excited about Christmas, presents, turkey etc and now here we are, the start of a New Year already begun. I’m sure there were more than a few of us feeling a bit heavy headed this morning at whatever time we crawled out of bed. I had work today so I didn’t overdo things last night, to be fair, I rarely do. Drinking to excess and feeling awful for the next day is not my idea of fun, so I had a couple of ciders, a couple of G&T’s but not enough to make me regret things!! Control freak………never! Continue reading “Happy New Year”

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Christmas Cheer


It’s been quite a while since my last post but Christmas is now nearly upon us and I thought it time to write a new post. With only a week to go until Saint Nick swings into town, I’m feeling pretty organised.

Christmas presents were all purchased in one day a few weeks ago. I suddenly felt the urge to get it all done and dusted in one go so Amazon did quite well out of me then I headed into good old Norwich to do the bits I couldn’t do online. I’ve got to say it was very satisfying to get the list done, know where to get what and just get it sorted out quickly and efficiently. I guess that’s the trick, having a plan and sticking to it.

Continue reading “Christmas Cheer”

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My 40th Birthday!!!


So it’s official, I am now the ripe old age of 40, I can’t say I was looking forward to it, I’ve never been a big fan of birthdays, well not my own anyway. I think 4 people I work with turned 40 this year, as did my husband a couple of months ago so my turn had to happen eventually but I’m clinging on to being the youngest 40 year old of the group and hoping I don’t look my age – feel free to agree! Continue reading “My 40th Birthday!!!”

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Hi, remember me. It’s been ages, I know. The month just kind of got away from me. So what’s been happening? Well we went to see the live screening of The Rocky Horror Show ( I wonder why the word ‘picture’ was dropped ). Anyway we saw it at the Odeon in Norwich with our friends Rob and Anthony and it was BLOODY AMAZING. Lots of great guest narrators including Stephen Fry, Ade Edmonson and none other than Richard O’Brien!! Continue reading “Holibobs!”

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The prettiest village in the world?

So yesterday @Splendid_chap and I had our day off together. We popped in to Norwich so he could take me to Go Outdoors. We are off to the Lake District for a few days away for his 40th birthday later this month and I needed some walking clothes. I managed to get waterproof trousers, a waterproof coat, a base layer and some new boots all for under £100 so I’m all set for what I’m sure will be rubbish weather for walking. It’s always Sod’s law that our short breaks are accompanied by endless amounts of rain!

We then drove ( or rather he did ) to East Bergholt in Suffolk – yes I crossed the border! He had been there with friends last weekend walking and camping and he was so impressed with it, he wanted to take me there. I have honestly never seen a prettier village in my life. This was the village that the artist John Constable lived when he was young and where the term Constable country comes from. Dedham Vale is a designated area of outstanding natural beauty on the Essex-Suffolk border. Despite the weather being awful, we had a look at the church and the Bell Cage – a wooden cage constructed after the bell tower collapsed. It’s so weird to see church bells up close like that, I’d love to be there when they are being rung, it must be amazing.

Pretty incredible aren’t they! We then went in to The Red Lion for lunch, a really pretty country pub which I thought would be quite posh/ modern inside but was actually incredibly traditional. It was full of OAP’s and you could tell the interior design was definitely aimed at them, very Granny’s dining room. The food was lovely though and I’d happily go back.

We then drove to Flatford because the rain was really heavy by this time otherwise even I would have walked it! This is the place where Constable painted arguably his most famous piece The Haywain.

Here is the copy of the setting I photographed yesterday, excuse the bleak sky and rain!

It was quite special to stand in the spot that such a famous artist was inspired by. A second or so after I took the photo there was a big flash of lightning followed by an almighty clap of thunder. We literally stood there rooted to the spot because it was so close and took us by surprise. We had a quick wander around the Constable museum and then headed back to the car before heading on to Dedham. We’ll definitely go back because the Alfred Munnings museum is there but we thought we’d save that for another day.

So all in all, despite the weather, it was such a lovely day. @Splendid_chap and I don’t have a day off together next week so it was really nice to make the day so special by getting out of the house and having some quality time together. It’s so easy to waste days off but we get so little time together, it’s really special when it’s just the two of us. I’m hoping next time we return, there will be better weather and I can better demonstrate in photos just quite how gorgeous this place is. I just need a spare million or so and I would live there tomorrow!  Maybe this is the push I need to start doing the lottery.

See you next time

Norfolkgal x

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Hi again

So I’m trying to learn new stuff but am feeling a bit deflated this time as I’ve been watching a few free WordPress tutorials but being free, they are quite basic and not really showing me stuff I want to know. I’ve been trying to add a link to the tutorial site I’ve been using but it doesn’t appear so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Instead of getting too down I’m going to play about with adding media again. So I’m adding a gallery this time. Hubby and I went to Beccles and Norwich yesterday so below is a gallery of some of the pics I took.

I love photography so check me out on Instagram, still Norfolkgal 😀

See you again soon