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A bad week

So along with on going drama at work we had the added dramatics of yet another flood. The building we work in can’t really cope with heavy rain or should I say the roof can’t! This is now I think the 4th or 5th time we’ve flooded in two years, it’s bad that I’m losing count isn’t it!

This was the first time that I have been day off for it though so unfortunately had to leave my guys to deal with it, which they did admirably. Having a showroom that you take great pride in, being ruined, albeit temporarily, is very soul destroying. Thankfully we are back on track now, dried out and tidied up like nothing ever happened other than a lot of ceiling tiles missing having been turned to pulp.

Here are a couple of videos to show how bad it was, I don’t think really shows the severity but the sound gives you a good idea, that is the sound of it raining indoors.

Thankfully I work with an amazing group of people who now take this in their stride, not that we should have to, but sometimes life just throws these things in your path, and you either turn back or clear the way forward and after the past couple of weeks, I’ve learnt you have to keep moving forward because standing still is just as bad as going backwards. Sometimes you just have to let stuff go rather than dwell on things you wish were different.

Life is better than you realise and every second needs to be appreciated

Here’s to a better week x

Bake Off, Cotswold Company

Evening all

Well I don’t think I’ve learnt anything new since my last post but I have rejoined Twitter. I haven’t been on it for over two years and I still have nearly two thousand followers!

Anyway I’m starting again with it so I am on there as @norfolkgal1, I’m finding it difficult to get back in to the swing of Twitter but I’ll see how it goes.

Today was a good day at work, I have redone the window displays. We now have a kitchen theme in readiness for the start of The a Great British Bake Off. There are bags of flour and rolling pins a-plenty!

image image image image

Pretty pleased with how they’ve come out, now I just need Mary Berry to come in and knock up a cake!

So that’s my day, now chilling out on the sofa with my man and the fluffy ones.

see you again soon x