Sir Tom Jones!!!

Well here I am again. It’s been a good week largely because we went to see Tom Jones at Newmarket Racecourse this week. A good friend bought us tickets as an early 40th birthday present and I’m pleased to say Tom was awesome. Lots of classics with some of his new material as well. 75 years old and his voice was still amazing! Paul McCartney has a lot to learn, THIS is talent.

We started reasonably close to the stage but moved back after a while to have more space. I’ve never been to the races before and we got there in time to see the last race. Not really my thing, I couldn’t see the attraction, Tom was more than enough for me. This was by far the highlight of the week, it was an absolute honour to see the legend perform, he’s just mesmerising.

Twitter is going ok, I’m up to a whole 30 followers. Still struggling to find like minded people rather than just companies or bots. That’s the issue with Twitter, it ends up being a numbers game but it’s still a damn site better than Facebook!

See you again soon 🙂