Welcome to Norfolkgal.com, this is me, I also go by the name Catherine. Born and bred in good ole Naarfolk and very proud to be so. I work In Norwich ( Naarch if you’re local ) and it’s a fantastic city to be a part of.

My site is mostly me and my photography and living my best life and enjoying our lovely big Norfolk skies, our beautiful coast and all the great artists, pubs, restaurants and culture that Norfolk has to offer.

I live on the edge (not life) but the border of Norfolk and Suffolk so fair warning – Suffolk will sneak in occasionally, well it’s only fair isn’t it. Two fantastic counties that need someone to shout out for them and tell everyone that we’re not all country bumpkins driving around in tractors, well some of us are!

Norfolk is a great place to live and has so much to offer and I’m taking it upon myself to tell you all about it. I’ll have you speaking with a Norfolk accent before you know it!!

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