A guilty secret

My name is Catherine and I’m a bookaholic!


Yes it’s true, I have a problem, with books. It’s pretty serious and been going on for a while now, I’ve tried to keep it secret but my bookshelves simply can’t contain the extent of the problem.

I know I jest, I had done pretty well last year reading 31 books but i’m not sure how well that compares to the number that I actually bought. I had made a resolution that I wouldn’t buy any books in the month of January, 6 days in and I crumbled yesterday, although in my defence it was a vintage book for £5 that I couldn’t pass up so maybe it doesn’t really count. It was definitely a purchase just to own rather than to read, that sounds terrible, but it’s true.

So I’ve just been up to the study to take a look at what books I have but still haven’t read and it’s a little shocking. Some books are quite recent purchases and some I’ve had for ages and I remember a few of them I was desperate to buy and yet still they sit there unread. So the purpose of this post is to name and shame, name the books waiting to be picked up and shame me into doing it. I can’t promise I’ll get through them all because I know I’ll buy more during the year, to say I’ll try not to is just futile.


So here goes, just a ‘few’ snaps of the books waiting for me to show them some love and take them to that magical place called the bedside cabinet where they will actual get read on a nightly basis.

My other purchase I intend to make use of is this rather gorgeous reading journal.


This will allow me to better keep track of what I’ve read and I can review each book, it also has this fantastic section at the back to record which books I’ve loaned out and to whom as from experience book loaning is a major mistake if you ever want to see them again.

The best bit are the lists of book award winners for example it lists all the Pulitzer Prize Winners from 1948 – present and loads of other types of book award winners us favourite books wishing genres so if I’m ever stuck for things to read (!) I can refer to these lists for inspiration.

So this is my pledge for 2016, I must read more of the books I already own before I am allowed to buy any new ones. Waterstones and Amazon will just have to survive without me for a while and I must learn to control my book buying urges, time will tell how it goes.



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